AeroFest 2015: A Festival of all Sorts

A brand new concept has been introduced to the festival world with Mobile AeroFest’s incorporation of the Titan FC MMA title fights that were held on the festival site Friday night. For many, these 14 MMA bouts and 4 Title bouts were the highlight of the weekend’s events. The weigh-in for these fights was an event in itself. Taking place on the USS Alabama, fighters and spectators were able to mingle with Shannon Lee, actress and martial artist and the daughter of Bruce Lee. Also in attendance was the courageous Col. Don "Doc” Ballard, recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Emerald Coast Pixie Productions Members flex with Shannon Lee on the USS Alabama


AeroFest also offered the typical array of entertainment including a killer music line-up, food installments, art vendors, and an art party. The biggest twist of this event is that it was prompted out of the desire to honor a worthy cause: improving the lives of America’s injured warriors while driving away the stigma of disability and bringing the Gulf Coast community new opportunities and fellowship. In celebration of our nation’s injured heroes, Saturday of the festival hosted a variety of Hero Games including an Independence Ride and a Wheelchair Basketball tournament.

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All photos courtesy of Michelle Stancil